The InfoSecMentors Project
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Eurotrash Security Podcast
@ChrisJohnRiley with @EurotrashSec posted an interview  with @InfoSecMentors Marisa Fagan talking about what's in store for the project!

Southern Fried Security Podcast
@ArmorGuy from @SFSPodcast sat down with Marisa Fagan to discuss to reasons behind the project and what it means to be a mentor.


InfoSec Mentoring - My experience
SecurityNinja did a blog post about the project.                                                                                                      Security Ninja

Who's Your Mentor Baby!
ChrisJohnRiley did a writeup about the project on his blog.                                                                                                      Catch22 InSecurity

Fun Reading on Security & Compliance #25
Anton Chuvakin mentioned the project on his blog.


#SOURCEBoston 2011
The Source Conference is where it all began, and this year we're having a mentoring workshop focusing on the mentor, followed by a reception for participants. Go to for more details.

#BSidesLV 2010
The first event for the InfoSec Mentors project is the B-Sides Las Vegas meetup. This InfoSec Mentors Meetup for all participants of the project will go from 7-9 pm on Wednesday July 28th at the B-Sides Venue. Follow @infosecmentors on Twitter to get updates and shuttle schedules.

#DEFCON 2010
The InfoSec Mentor project will have a presence at the Def Con each day as well. Msg @InfoSecMentors on Twitter to find Marisa, and she can sign you up, or you can still sign up on the web or email.


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